Take The High Road


Impressive project: the 1.34-kilometer span of the Beipanjiang Bridge soars 565 meters over the Beipan River in southwest China. The four-lane road deck links the provincial cities of Liupanshui and Xuanwei 

Driving above the clouds: traffic has been rolling on the highest bridge in the world since the start of this year. The Beipanjiang Bridge in southwestern China, seen here shortly before completion, soars 565 meters over the Beipan River and links the provinces of Yannan and Guizhou. Construction lasted three years and cost the equivalent of almost 139 million euros (151.4 million US Dollars). The bridge is expected to reduce road travel times between the megacities of Liupanshui and Xuanwei from five to less than two hours.

In the case of DB Schenker, the completion of this mega-structure is yet another important step towards expanding its transport network in China. The city of Liupanshui, for example, is located in Guizhou province, which borders on the province of Hunan. DB Schenker’s “China Train” operates between Hunan’s capital of Changsha and the German city of Hamburg and is connected to the southwestern regions of China via truck feeder services.