Mitsui OSK Lines, NYK and K-Line Integration

News just to hand from the shipping lines….. Mitsui OSK Lines, NYK and K-Line have reached an agreement to integrate their container shipping divisions into a single operating entity. Some important details about this development are as follows:

  • This new arrangement will not simply be a carrier alliance. A new company, operating under a new name (yet to be finalized), will be established with MOL, NYK and K-Line as shareholders.
  • Subject to regulatory approval, the new company is expected to be fully integrated and operational by April of 2018. During the 18 months between now and then, MOL, NYK and K-Line will be focused on the smooth integration of our services in order to ensure that the new company is capable of offering a premier service upon commencement of operations.
  • In the meantime, MOL, NYK and K-Line will continue to serve you as independent operators and they remain committed to providing you with the services you require.

The three lines expect that the new company will provide you with a combination of financial strength, global operational efficiency and customer service excellence.

We will be sure to keep you well informed of future developments.