Airlink offers relief to Cyclone Winston victims in Fiji

With the death toll rising to 44 and the total damages rising to about US$650 million, the reverberations from Cyclone Winston’s path of destruction in the Pacific are still being felt a week after it made landfall at Fiji on Feb. 20. The Category 5 storm – the largest ever to strike the island nation – has left at least 45,000 people homeless and severely crippled the archipelago’s infrastructure.

The aviation industry, however, is doing its part to help the victims recover. Airlink, the rapid-response humanitarian relief organization that links airlines with pre-qualified nonprofits, is currently involved in the launch of a rapid response to bring aid to the victims of Cyclone Winston. We hope readers of Air Cargo World will help, too.

The Fiji Government has declared a 30-day state of disaster, and has called for additional international assistance. Donations will be used to help clean up the downed trees, mudslides and severed power lines, as well as fly in relief supplies to the homeless Fijians.

To lend your support, either in the form of a direct monetary donation or a donation of frequent flyer miles, visit the Airlink website.