New Zealand Spinal Trust

20th June 2014

SB recently partnered with PBT and offered its support to the NZ Spinal Trust by way of transporting hospital equipment around the country. As a registered charity organization, the NZ Spinal Trust relies on support from local businesses to ensure its operation can continue operating and support those affected by spinal injuries. At SB we are proud to be able to support organizations such as the NZ Spinal Trust making a difference within our community.

The New Zealand Spinal Trust is a registered charity (CC43195) providing information, education, research, advocacy and support for people who have spinal cord impairment (SCI), so that they may enjoy independence.

  •      Our Philosophy - It’s great to be alive!
  •      Our Vision - A world where human diversity is valued.
  •      Our Mission - Better rehabilitation and independent living.

The New Zealand Spinal Trust was formed in 1994 to address the unmet needs of rehabilitation, information, research, advocacy and support for people with spinal cord injuries throughout New Zealand.

The Trust works in collaboration with a number of entities, including health boards, ACC and the Ministry of Health to provide the resources required for people to take control of their own rehabilitation and therefore their lives.

The New Zealand Spinal Trust is firmly focused on supporting independent living and improving the quality of rehabilitation through initiatives, projects and programmes that directly benefit people with spinal cord injuries.

For more information about the New Zealand Spinal Trust visit their website -