Bikes for Madagascar

10th February 2016 

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“A project to re-assign un-loved bikes to isolated communities in Madagascar”

The Bikes for Madagascar project was inspired by our Logistics Manager, Simon Weeks. While drinking delicious coffee with his partner Kat, they came up with a plan to re-assign unloved bikes to Madagascar.

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is not just a BFM1Dreamworks film, it is also an island country off the south-east coast of Africa. In fact it is considered one of the poorest countries in the world with 88% of the population living off less than 2 NZD per day. Simon worked there for twelve months prior to joining the SB family and is keen to continue to assist people in Madagascar get access to things that we take for granted such as healthcare and education.

How would the bikes help?

In Madagascar Simon was working with a charity to help get medical support to the most remote areas of the country. He discovered that a large number of people living in rural communities could not afford to get to a health facility when they needed it. They were totally reliant on volunteer community health workers (CHWs) to travel to them. Most of these CHWs have to walk to visit sick patients. But, if you give them a bike then suddenly they can cover three times the distance!

Simon and Kat plan to collect 400 bikes in Christchurch and send them to Madagascar. Once in the country they will be taken to a community called Bealanana in Northern Madagascar. Some bikes will be donated to CHWs, while the container will become a bike shop and used to ensure that the bikes remain roadworthy and improve mobility in the community.


How can I help?

We would like to ask you to look into your garages and dig out any surplus adult mountain bikes that you may have and donate them to this fantastic cause.

We have 2 points in Christchurch where you can drop off adult mountain bikes:

SB Global Logistics, 11 Syd Bradley Road, near the airport (warehouse entrance)
Limitless Supplements, 22 Stanley Street, Sydenham

You can drop bikes off at any of these locations

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday/Sunday 10am - 4pm. Follow the signs!

  If you have any further questions please contact Simon on 021 574 943 or

 Whether or not you have a bike to donate or not, please share this with friends and family. Collecting 400 bikes is ambitious so we need to get the word out to as many people as possible!! Any surplus bikes will be donated to our partner ICEcycles for distribution in the Christchurch area.

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“We are looking for adult mountain bikes only. Sadly the state of the roads make road bikes unsuitable. They must also be in a repairable condition; please no bikes that have damaged or rusty frames.”



Are you doing this all on your own?

No – We couldn’t even contemplate this without the help of several amazing partners in New Zealand and overseas who are playing critical roles in getting the bikes to Madagascar.


SB Global Logistics is going to be the base for the Bikes for Madagascar project. The collection, sorting and loading of the bikes will all happen here. SB will also organise all the freight forwarding and associated documentation.

SB is a Canterbury owned and operated business that specialises in freight forwarding and 3PL solutions

Hamburg Sued Logo

Hamburg Sud is donating a container which will be used to ship the bikes to Madagascar and then become a bicycle workshop

Established in 1871 Hamburg Sud now ranks among the world's 20 largest container shipping lines


For four years, Transaid has been working in Madagascar as a partner with the USAID-funded community-based integrated health programme called MAHEFA (MAlagasy HEalthy FAmilies)

As part of this programme Transaid’s is co-ordinating the roll out of community-based bicycle shops and facilitating the local training.


Providing the project implementation knowledge and expertise.

Commenced May 2005 and has imported 30,000+ bicycles to Namibia, Madagascar, Zambia, Botswana & Kenya


ICEcycles is going to help with the collection and sortation of the bicycles. In return BfM will donate some bikes to the organisation which they need for specific individuals.

ICEcycles provide free bicycle repairs and supply used bicycles to people in the Christchurch area who cannot otherwise afford one

   If you have any further questions please contact Simon on 021 574 943 or